Sunday, November 29, 2015

Long Exposure Photography - Join us and we can help you master the technique

Long exposure photography has become very popular in the last couple of years because of the increasing number of options for 10-stop neutral density (ND) filters on the market.

However, taking photographs when using such high-density filters gives rise to a set of problems that you may not have previously considered… How do you focus? How do you get the correct exposure? What is the correct length of time to get the desired effect?

If you have been out with your ND filters, I am sure you have already been frustrated.
The group here at Northof49Photography love to take long exposure photos, and as a result, created many tours and workshops in 2016 to help you master the long exposure image.

Here is a list of our tours and workshops where a large component of the trip involves long exposure imagery.

Yukon in March of 2016 – Here we will photograph night skies and long exposure with ND filters in and around the mountain landscapes. To see this tour, please visit,

Nova Scotia in June of 2016 – Here we focus on photographing lighthouses along the Nova Scotia shoreline. To see this tour, please visit,

Newfoundland in June of 2016 – Here there is a focus on lighthouses and the rocky shoreline of Newfoundland. To see this tour, please visit,

Vancouver Island in August of 2016 – This is the pacific northwest in August, or Fogust as the locals call it. Crashing and curling waves, rocky landscapes and windswept trees are on the menu on this tour. To see this tour, please visit,

Fall Colours and Northern Lights in August of 2016 – Here you will be immersed in a palette of crimson foregrounds, framed by mountains and rushing clouds, perfect for ND filters during the day. By night, it’s the northern lights and even more long exposure photography. To see this tour, please visit,

We hope you can join us, our trips are fun, lots of learning opportunities, and the Canadian locations are spectacular

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