Instructors: Kevin A. Pepper and Michel Rawicki
Included: Meals as detailed in itinerary, domestic flights, accommodation, transportation, eagle hunters, airport pickup and drop off.
Not Included: International airfare, travelers insurance, anything not listed as included, items of personal nature
Price: $4495USD
Deposit: $750USD, balance due 90 days before travel

Day 1. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and be met by a driver after you pick up your luggage. You will then be transferred to our hotel in downtown Ulaanbator.
For those that arrive in the morning or afternoon, we will go out at night to a theater where a group of musicians, contortionists and throat singers will perform for a small group of people. This is a quaint venue where you will hear traditional songs, performed in traditional dress.

Day 2. We will take a flight from Ulaanbaatar to Ulgii. From the Uglii airport we will drive to an area where will stay with a nomadic Kazakh family for photo sessions with the family and see and learn about their nomadic lifestyle. Your family will be living in the countryside with their herd of yak, sheep, and horses.

Your accommodation will be with the family at their temporary winter grounds and will be a Nomadic Ger tent where you will share with a maximum of three other people. Men will be in one tent, women will be in the other. Meals are included on day two.

Day 3-5. During the next three days we will work with the Kazakh eagle hunters on horseback with their eagles. We will have a minimum of five photo sessions with the riders on galloping horseback, five portrait photo sessions with riders and eagles and five photo sessions with just riders and golden eagles flying.

In between these sessions we will photograph the landscapes and the numerous farms that will be in the valley at that time. 

At night, if cloud cover permits, there is minimal light pollution and we will see dark skies that offer some of the clearest views of the milky way and constellations. At night we will photograph these constellations and conduct star trail photography and milky way photography.

Your accommodations will be in the nomadic Ger tents and your meals will be included.

Day 6. Return to Ulgii from our time with the eagle hunters in the morning and take the flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Upon arrival in Ulaanbator we will transfer to a permanent Ger tent in the Hustai National Park area.

Along the way we will have the opportunity for more cultural photos of nomadic Mongolian life and photograph the mountainous landscapes.

If our arrival time permits we will head out into Hustai national park to search for the last wild herd of  Przewalski's horses in the world. There are only 250 left in the wild after reintroductionin the mid twentieth century. First described scientifically in the late 19th century by Russian explorer N. M. Przewalski, for whom the horse is named, the horse once freely roamed the steppe along the Mongolia-China border.

We will stay in a permanent Ger camp and your dinner will be included

Day 7. Morning in Hustai photographing the landscapes and the Przewalski horse. In the afternoon we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar and stay at our Hotel downtown Ulaanbator. Breakfast is included on day 7.

Day 8. Departure.

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