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Photo Tour in the Yukon in Autumn

From the Desert to the Arctic Circle
This trip is designed to give you the opportunity to photograph all the diversity that the Yukon has to offer. We will cover the area around Whitehorse, Klaune National Park and the Dempster Highway, north to the Arctic Circle. You will be shooting mountain landscapes, macro images of fall foliage, travel type photography of historical streetscapes, the wildlife, northern lights and other long exposure night photography.

Dates of Yukon Trip:

Workshop #1 is from August 23 to August 29, 2015 with Kevin Pepper (two spots left)

Price of Workshop:
$3950CDN for a maximum of 8 people
Single Supplement is $500CDN


Return Domestic flight to Dawson City from Whitehorse, Airport pick-up and drop-off, Accommodation, Dinner on day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - Breakfast on day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - Snacks, soft drinks, water during the day, Daily transportation via an 8 passenger Suburban or equivalent. Hot drinks and snacks during aurora viewing nights.

Not Included:

Alcoholic beverages, International flights, Items of personal nature, Items not listed as included

Deposit Required: $1000CDN - Balance due before May 15th, 2015.

Day One - A day to Welcome You to the Yukon
Today you will arrive in Whitehorse from Home. You should schedule your arrivals so that you arrive in Whitehorse before 4:30pm. You will get picked up at the airport and shuttled to the hotel in Whitehorse.

You can unpack and have some free time before dinner. Today would be your day to explore Whitehorse, buy your souvenirs for the children and grandchildren because once we gather for dinner our excursion begins...
We will meet for a group dinner and go over the itinerary, get to know one another and discuss the various photography situations we will find ourselves in this week.

After dinner, if the skies are clear, we will head out into the countryside for one of many nights of aurora photography. There are a number of spots around Whitehorse that we have identified with interesting foreground elements that will enhance your aurora images.

Accommodation at Ramada Inn in Whitehorse

Dinner Included

Day Two - The Southern Loop
Today is our day to head south of Whitehorse and do the southern loop. This 150 kilometer round trip has an abundance of photography opportunities... so always have your camera ready. You never know what mountain vista, calm lake or local wildlife will show itself to us along this route.

We will depart from our hotel and head towards the Carcross Desert. This is the smallest desert in the world and is framed by mountain ranges, specifically Caribou Mountain to the East. Along this drive you will be treated to many photo opportunities of pristine mountain lakes, especially Emerald Lake and Marsh Lake. Marsh Lake is a fish rich lake that attracts numerous waterfowl and birds of prey such as Osprey and Bald Eagles. It is also a stop on the migration for the Tundra Swan, which many remain through the summer before they migrate south for the winter.

The other reason we are heading to the Carcross area are for the possible sightings of the numerous Woodland Caribou. Carcross was originally named Caribou Crossing, and the name still holds true in the numbers of caribou. There are also frequent black bear sightings along the roads and local trails that we will be traveling on... so as K1 says, "have your camera's ready".

We will hopefully end our day once again with the aurora dancing over our heads along one of the southern rivers and lakes that cover the countryside. Just a short 30 minute drive from Whitehorse we will be able to capture the aurora over frozen lakes and near forested areas.

Accommodation at Ramada Inn in Whitehorse

Breakfast and Dinner Included

Day Three - Headed to the Klondike
You are in for a treat today... its a flight into the heart of Gold Rush. Our destination, Dawson City.

Our morning plane ride ends in Dawson City... the epitome of a Gold Rush town in Northern Canada. We will get picked up and begin one of two journeys along the Dempster Highway. The landscapes here are breathtaking and the fall colours will be covering the landscapes like a multi coloured blanket. Your highlight of this trip is Tombstone Territorial Area.

And lets not forget about the wildlife. The porcupine herd of Caribou will be in the area in late August on their annual migration. It is our intent to introduce you to one of Canada's largest animal migration, in one of the most photogenic fall landscapes Canada offers.

If the aurora is dancing... come out and enjoy the sight near the Arctic Circle... something you will never forget.

Accommodation at Eagle Point, a mere 30 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

Included is breakfast, snacks during the day and dinner.

Dempster Highway on the way to the Arctic Circle in the Fall (stock image)

Day Four - The Arctic Circle Awaits
We rise and take the last few miles and take you north of the Arctic Circle. Here you will see vast expanses of fall colours and distant mountain ranges that offer everything from panorama's to macro photography, and yes, even the odd fox, wolf, caribou and an abundance of bird species that will be feeding before their southern migration.

We will even take your photo at the Arctic Circle signage so you have a personal momento that you made it to the arctic circle with Northof49 Photography.

If the aurora is dancing... come out and enjoy the sight from the Arctic Circle... something you will never forget. Maybe a photo of the Arctic Circle signpost with the aurora dancing overhead?

Accommodation at Eagle Point, a mere 30 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

Included is breakfast, snacks during the day and dinner.

Day Five - The Early Morning Landscapes are Golden
Upon our return we will pick up your certificate that gives testimony that you arrived in the arctic circle. We will then continue down the Dempster highway for a chance to photograph the remote painted landscapes one more time.

Our destination is Dawson City. You will have a chance to explore the preserved Klondike buildings and see how the original settlers lived hundreds of years ago. If you are adventurous... its a sour toe cocktail for you... and yet another claim to fame that you will tell your friends and family that you did while in the Yukon.

We will then take another afternoon flight back down to Whitehorse. After dinner we will relax and take time to reflect. We will have a busy schedule and we will recharge our batteries (camera and personal) before our final push towards the gem of the Yukon.

Accommodation at the Ramada Inn

Breakfast and Dinner Included

Day Six - Mountains and Reflections
Saving the best for last, well, in my opinion anyways... its a drive west to Klaune National Park.

But before we get to Klaune, we will visit the Whitehorse wildlife Preserve. You will have just spent 6 days photographing areas that many of the animals in the preserve live in. If we were not lucky enough to see these animals in the wild, we want to give you the opportunity to photograph them in a smaller wildness area. You will have the opportunity to photograph, Lynx, Arctic fox, caribou, elk, Bison, Thinhorn Sheep, Mountain Goats and Mule deer.

Then its on to Klaune. If you've ever imagined standing amidst a sweeping landscape of mountain valleys carved by glaciers and sprinkled with alpine wildflowers and vibrant fall colours, you will get to live your dream in Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada. An icon of North America and the center piece of the Kluane region in Yukon, Kluane National Park and Reserve is one of our natural treasures and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1979.

Encompassing breathtaking views of lush valleys, mountain ranges, Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada is part of the largest internationally protected wilderness area in the world. Four interconnecting wilderness parks in British Columbia, Alaska and the Yukon are designated a World Heritage Site.

We will take different hikes into the back country of Klaune before we gather and have a campfire dinner in the park as the sun prepares to set. After dinner, its a golden hour photo shoot at one of the most beautiful lakes in the Yukon, Kathleen Lake.

Long into darkness we will remain in the area. You will be presented with golden hour and blue hour photography opportunities that end with a star show with zero light pollution, and maybe, a once in a lifetime chance to photograph an aurora show in this area. But if the aurora doesn't present itself, the night skies still offer the opportunity to learn how to easily create star trail photos or other night time long exposure photos.

Accommodation at the Ramada Inn
Breakfast and Dinner Included

Say Seven - Departure Day
Departure day. We will transfer you to the airport for your flights home. There are early morning flight options and late afternoon flight options for those that want to stay and do some shopping and sightseeing downtown Whitehorse before they depart. There are airport shuttle buses and we will have our vehicle to ensure that you get to the airport in time to get your flight... unless you want to stay. ;-)

Breakfast Included

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