Thursday, August 20, 2015

WIldife Photograph Workshop in Newfoundland, Canada

Come join us for a trip that will have you photographing bald eagles fishing on cod in the shallow waters, humpback whales and orcas swimming and beaching in the Atlantic waters, photographing 500 pairs of mating puffins on an a private island and taking zodiac tours to photograph the icebergs as they pass down iceberg alley.

Workshop #1 is July 3 to July 8, 2016
Instructors: Kevin A Pepper (K2) and Len Silvester
Workshop #2 is July 9 to July 14, 2016
Instructors: Len Silvester and Chris Pepper
Price: $2995CAD, to secure your spot is $750

Included: Airport pick up, shared accommodation, private zodiac rides, general admission zodiac rides as mentioned in the itinerary, guiding and photography guidance, juice, water and snacks during the day
Not Included: International flights, extra nights, items of personal nature, breakfast and dinners, travel insurance
We are headed to Newfoundland again and conducting two workshops in Eastern Newfoundland. We have scouted this location and have identified an area where we can stay within one hour of our hotel and photograph some amazing sights if you like wildlife and birds.

You will be picked up on day one at the airport in St Johns at 11am and brought back to our hotel. Your flight home should be scheduled after 4pm on the last day of the workshop. By doing this we will be able to potentially be able to photograph puffins in the afternoon or evening of day one and the morning of the last day before your departure to the airport.

Our workshops run for six days and five nights and your time with us will include the following.
A minimum of three, three hour zodiac rides to follow and photograph icebergs, humpback whales and orcas
One day of photographing bald eagles feeding on capelin and cod in the shallow waters off of one of the shallow bays that the eagles congregate around. We get dropped off on one of these sandy coves before sunrise and will get picked up again later in the afternoon from our private zodiac charter
One day on a private island surrounded by 500 mating pairs of puffins. We get dropped off on this island at sunrise and will get picked up again mid afternoon from our private zodiac charter.

A minimum of one day near Bonavista, Newfoundland photographing another colony of mating puffins.

We do not define which activity occurs on which day because of variables like seas, weather and fish patterns. We promise each will occur over the course of the workshop, we just cannot guarantee in what order. Some activities like landing on the private puffin island require calmer seas.
Suggested Camera gear is a telephoto of 400mm or more for the eagles and puffins, a medium telephoto of 70-200mm for icebergs and a wider angle lens for icebergs and landscapes in the range of 24-105mm. You should also bring your tripod and rain coats for your cameras as we are positioned on the Atlantic ocean.
If you have any questions, or to register, please contact us through our

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